A birthing woman is the most powerful person in the room


A true vocation

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in pregnancy and birth with a tremendous love of babies, especially newborns. I have been in the role of Doula many times throughout the years but never realising there was a title. As my own children became more independent I decided to make some career changes and was naturally drawn to the field of pregnancy, birth & babies.

I found a wonderful course with Nurturing Birth in London which I completed & thoroughly enjoyed. I felt I had finally found my true vocation! I live in Surrey & have 3 children with 3 very different yet amazing pregnancies and births.

I consider myself to be a very calm, naturally caring, extremely loyal, good listener who can work on initiative. I believe I know when to be present and when to be in the background. My love of Yoga is a wonderful tool for my calmness and ability to asses a situation positively. I prefer to view the glass as half full as opposed to half empty!

Your Doula - Clare Ross

“Pre and post natal care”

What is a a doula

What is the definition of a DOULA (doo-la)? This transpires from the Modern Greek word meaning 'woman servant or caregiver'. In our capacity it translates as a woman offering unconditional emotional & practical support, help & reassurance to another woman during pregnancy, birth and post natal. My motto is to Mother the Mother but I also offer continued care to the partner and indeed the whole family. There are many statistics that show the incredible benefits of having a Doula by your side including the lower risk of a C Section & pain relief.

There are many reasons why you may wish to hire a Doula and they vary greatly but here are just a few:
Non-judgemental and unconditional
Practical & emotional support.
Client confidentiality & Flexibility.
A vital link between the Mother to be and the medical profession.
Reduced risk of medical intervention


birthing the better way


Birthing support Birth Doula

Firstly welcome and congratulations on the wonderful journey you are about to commence! The majority of client / Doula relationships begin a few months prior to the baby's birth and the bond that is created enables the mother to feel comfortable, supported, able to ask any questions and discuss fears that may arise, openly. You must have absolute trust in the people that surround your birthing space & can speak on your behalf, if necessary.

You will receive an abundance of physical & emotional assistance whether you would like to walk around, sit on a ball, have a massage or simply practice your breathing techniques. I will keep you hydrated, reassured, calm and knowledgeable.

There are a minimum of 2 visits post partum, more can be put in place where required & I am always contactable.

Birthing support Post Natal Doula

When you arrive home with your newborn life will have changed and can sometimes feel quite daunting, even lonely.

My role is to ensure that it is the most special time for you and your family, allowing you to rest, bond, share and just generally BE. You are not alone and I am here to give unconditional support.

I offer a continuity of care for you and your baby, helping in the home, preparing nourishing meals, caring for pets as well as older siblings in order to keep you well rested & your family included. I am available for night care too enabling you to get some well earned sleep!

Finally I am always happy to be contacted by phone or meet and discuss the above in order to have a unique package for the mother, we are all different after all!


My Testamonials

My service is personal and I am very grateful for the kind words and recommendations from my clients.

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